2001:470:b7a7::a & 2001:470:5844::a
  • Free

    KidProtect is a free project DNS private resolver that blocks multiple domains and contents from loading.
  • Secured

    KidProtect blocks domains considered bad or inappropriate for end user, as these may harm the computer or the mind of internet consumers.
  • Everywhere

    KidProtect can be used for family at home, for work at the office, or even on tablets or smart-phones when travelling.
  • Easy

    KidProtect is free and easy to install. It only requires a DNS configuration in your operating system of the device.
  • Dynamic

    KidProtect works on any device connected to internet: desktop computer, notebook, netbook, tablet, smart-phone, etc.

DNS is the heart of internet. DNS is used by all internet connected devices to convert human internet addresses that we can remember (such as www.google.com) into IP addresses that computers can read and access. Computers can not work with words or human addresses, as this is human related language, instead they work with numbers and groups of numbers. Domain Name System converts the words we can remember into computer internet addresses.

KidProtect servers for Domain Name System have special configured databases to block millions of domains for multiple reasons: computer protection, internet protection, kids protection, work protection, anonimity protection, and so on. This protection is provided for free, with absolutely no costs, but in order for this to work, every user has to configure KidProtect free private DNS servers on devices. These servers are: &

For your business, on request, I can provide special private DNS protection, blocking whatever you wish from your employees to access. Unlike the free DNS servers, private DNS servers use your special requirements and are configured for private usage only. Prices on business DNS protection servers vary according to the number of persons accessing it and the time of usage. This type of protection can be used for family too, but only if you so desire.

Windows XP

KidProtect Setup

Windows 7/8

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KidProtect Setup


KidProtect Setup


KidProtect Setup