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Mr. Cristian Anghel

Functions: Founder, Administrator, Designer, Programmer.
Birth Date: 2 June 1983
Working Since: 2008 - now
Work Type: Voluntary
LinkedIN: cristian-anghel

Proffessional Experience:

2006-2007 - Translator of software on servers for Google, Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung with great accuracy - project based;
2008-2019 - Christian Orthodox Priest at Parish Avramesti of Romanian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Husi - full time
2008-2014 - Teacher for the Primary School of Avramesti, Vaslui, Romania - part time;
2015-2017 - Web Designer, Network Engineer and Servers Administrator for CazNet Comunication - part time;


2008-2010 - Design, programming and maintenance of the magazine Pastorul Tutovei (printed and online);
2010-now - Design, programming and maintenance of the orthodox online radio Aliluia;
2011 - Design of various maps for Diocese of Husi;
2011-2015 - IT accountant for the Archpriestship of Barlad;
2012-now - Design of the internet relay chat services Xtris;
2012-now - Design, programming and administration of free online protection, for family and business, KidProtect;
2013-now - Configuration and maintenance of streaming servers for Asia Team Romania;
2014 - Consulting in design of logo and box for Diabetrix food supplement;
2014-2017 - Design and maintainance of website for guild World Guardians of an online game;
2015-2017 - Design of website plus e-mail services with network and servers for Mehedinti County Council;
2015-now - Administration of Chat platforms for CMaNGOS emulator, and ScriptDev2, and UDB;


Orthodox Theological Seminary Saint John Chrysostom, Husi, 2003;
Birotics Word-Excel-O.I.V.P.D. Degree, Romanian Ministery of Labour, 2006;
Orthodox Theological Faculty of Bucharest University, Bucharest, 2007;
Fundamentals of Unix degree, Cisco Network Academy and Sun Microsystems, 2007;
CCNA Exploration - Network Fundamentals, Cisco, 2011;
IPv6 Sage, Hurricane Electric, 2017;