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KidProtect History

KidProtect = Child Protection over Internet

I started this project in 2012 as a way to protect my computers while using Internet.

It all started in 2005 when I was using Internet means of communication as a way of self entertainment. Back then, for this purpose, I was using Undernet IRC Network - a very popular and basic communication network. My Internet provider at that time started blocking some Undernet sections from access. As such, I was unable to access the Undernet IRC Network website, although I was still able to connect to Undernet, but only to a few of their servers. During those times, I was unaware that I was actually being forced to connect only to some private servers instead of Undernet's public servers.

At first, when I found out, it got my attention but I felt helpless and accepted this situation as I thought it was something temporary, probably Undernet's fault. I was also thinking Undernet had the website down for some technical reasons. I did not bother to see what happened, simply because I did not care much.

One day I got to assist on a public Undernet discussion about the website and improvements for it. I thought it was down, but for other people it was very much up and working great. This intrigued me. Why was I not able to access it? Doing some research on my Internet connection I got to find out that my Internet provider was blocking my access on some Undernet services from their DNS servers. Somehow I accepted it. As a simple user with not enough knowledge about the Internet and it's infrastructure, there was not much I could do about it. I did complain to my Internet provider, but they stated they did not block all Undernet servers, only some services, based on security reasons, for my own protection; but actually a protection I did not want, a limitation of service I did not ask for. Again, I accepted it!

Time has passed and a few years later, I was still connecting to Undernet, limitations still active on my Internet provider services. But one day I found a solution. I met OpenDNS, a free DNS service for everyone to use. I started using it in 2008 and I was very happy with it. I did not care about my Internet provider DNS servers any more. Although I had multiple Internet providers now (one at work, other home, other when traveling) I was constantly using OpenDNS, I even memorized their addresses. But all this was also about to change.

In 2012 I noticed something strange: I could not access some websites over the Internet. It appeared as these websites were down. I coped with that for a while, but then I started asking myself if these websites were really down. Nobody was complaining about them. Again I thought about DNS blocking them, but this time I was using a public DNS provider and it seemed impossible. Did some research on the matter and the impossible proved to be very much possible. Lots of websites were blocked in DNS servers of OpenDNS. They changed their policy and started blocking domains they considered I should not visit. And also OpenDNS was logging all DNS connections and DNS translations, just like any public DNS provider.

Since I considered this to be a deprivation of own liberty, I decided to try and do something about it. If I were to have protection, then I alone would decide my own protection and my own anonymity on Internet. As such I started thinking on creating my own DNS servers, not only to protect myself, but my children and anyone else who wanted it for free. KidProtect project was born (the name is pretty obvious, main purpose being protecting children). I did not want any more free DNS servers with everything "unblocked", but actually blocked. I did not want to waste any more time in looking something else instead of OpenDNS, simply because that would still mean my Internet connection is being under other corporations' control who claim to give them out for free, without blocking anything, but actually limiting and spying everything I access.

KidProtect DNS servers DO block domains, and on a high range! The project servers block more than 1 million domains on the Internet. I blocked these not because there is no free software out there to protect the children, but because I want a very simple protection, on the Internet's core, with no antivirus and no anti-spyware and all that kind of software stating they are free and forcing you with all sorts of ads to buy their products. Later on, when creating the project, I found out I could block whatever domain I wanted. This meant no loading of commercials, ads and any other annoying content from different pages. It was just what I wanted: a perfect concept.

Now KidProtect took shape. It is active and working great. It's not perfect, because it's still a work in progress as new bad websites are created on Internet on a daily basis. The servers are quite stable and could handle thousand and thousand of requests per second for free. I offer a general concept list of what KidProtect project blocks and what it does not block. I can also offer a full list of domains and subdomains that I block with KidProtect servers, but I offer this list only on request, by e-mail, as the file is quite large and constant updated every day; to post it on the website would make it very difficult to load in any browser.

I created this project as a human touch so anyone may feel free to use it. I am an orthodox priest, keeping computers as an active hobby, and as a priest I think people are created out of pure love, to equally be good. As such, I don't expect any sort of retribution. Donations are accepted, but donations right now are not vitally important.
Donations will be used only for the improvement of the services. It is important for you to be happy using Internet safely and anonymously, for free.

This is a history of a project with a hope for a better future together. Thank you for reading it.

Abortion - websites promoting abortion of children.
Ads - websited promoting commercials.
Adult - websites promoting adult content.
Aggressive - websites promoting aggressive behaviour.
Alcohol - websites promoting alcohol and drunk behaviour.
Antispyware - websites promoting pointless software.
Contraception - websites promoting contraception and sexual behaviour.
DDoS - websites promoting Denial of Service attacks.
Drugs - websites promoting drugs.
Guns - websites promoting guns and firearms.
Hacking - websites promoting hacking and data stealing.
Malware - websites asking to download known malware software.
Phishing - websites and domains known for phishing and faking other sites.
Porn - websites promoting porn.
Sect - websites promoting sects and satanist behaviour.
Spyware - websites promoting computer viruses and spyware.
Tobacco - websites promoting smoking and tobacco.
Violence - websites promoting violence in any form.
Virusinfected - websites with viruses hidden in their programming.
Weapons - websites promoting all kinds of weapons.
Torrents & Peer-to-Peer - this type of connection does not involve DNS, can not be blocked, it is based on IP address.